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With Netrunner being so small in NZ there were a few of us that knew that if we wanted it to grow, we would need to take things into our own hands.
Chasing price support, getting distributor buy in, growing community and running awesome events. We do it because we love this game and want to see it thrive but there is a real cost to it.
There are some cool things we want to do, for example. Upgrading our streaming gear, sending that gear around the country, creating event kits that can be shared around cities and creating unique prize support.
If you want to support the growth of Netrunner in New Zealand and cool events there are a few ways you can do it.

The ANRNZ Playmat

A clean and simple mat designed by Lee Marrett
Available at Inked Playmats, 10% of every playmat sold goes to us.

Donate Directly

If you would like to support us directly then you can do that by transferring money this ANRNZ bank account.


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