Thursday, 13 April 2017

Australia and New Zealand Asynchronous Competition

Announcing the Australian and New Zealand Asynchronous Competition!

The Australia and New Zealand Asynchronous Competition is an online tournament that will begin on May 1st, wherein Kiwi and Aussie Netrunners will battle it out on for the top spot. Terrific prizes are up for grabs, with all participants (irrespective of placing) snagging a set of beautiful custom art Runner identities, courtesy of the remarkably talented Taylor Ruddle.

The rules: 
  • Every week you will get paired with one other player, it is up to you to organise both games in that week with that player. There will be 6 weeks of this, where each of these rounds will act as the swiss-pairings to find the cut. 
  • Games are played on (or on the test server if it is down). 
  • If both (or neither) players have made a good faith effort to find a time but cannot make it work, then rounds will be declared a loss, otherwise wins are to whomever made the effort.
  • Decks can change every week of swiss pairings, but decks must be finalised if you make the Elimination cut.
  • Top 8 cut based on Swiss pairings will have online matches every week until a winner is determined.
  • Otherwise standard Netrunner rules apply. New MWL is in effect, and tournament conduct is expected to be followed. 
  • Every week we will announce what the current latest legal pack is, as well as the legal pack for the next week. There will always be at least one week's warning before a new pack is introduced. At the start of the tournament it will be cards valid up to Station One, and by the end of the tournament we expect it to also include Terminal Directive and Earth's Scion. Pack eligibility is based on implementation on and is up to TO discretion.
  • There is an entry fee of $15 (New Zealand Dollars) ($20 NZD for participants outside of Australia and New Zealand)
  • Additional postage for playmats will be required from people who qualify for them (Estimated $7 NZ)

  • Every participant will receive a set of professionally printed and cut custom punk art prizes courtesy of Taylor Ruddle.
  • The wonderful folks from The Winning Agenda have kindly donated us some of their tokens as prizes for the top 4.
  • Playmats (Chronos Protocol Tour, Day Job, Project Beale, Freelancer) for the top 4 players.
  • Promo alternate art cards to be distributed to players the top 8 (Adonis Campaign, Noise, Swordsman, Reina, Ken, Chaos Theory, NBN Making news, Same Old Thing, Hedge Fund, Wall of Static, Acrylic Chaos Theory, Pad Campaign)
Plastic CTHedge FundTWA TokensPlay matWall of StaticCustom Alt ArtsOther Alt Arts
1st Place111213?
2nd Place1113?
3ed Place1113?
4th Place1113?
5th Place
6th Place13?
7th Place13?
8th Place13?
Everyone Else3

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Additional questions:

Where do I keep up with news on the event?
We’ll be posting event updates to facebook so make sure you’ve signed up.

I'm not in the ANZ area but I'd like to participate. Is this okay?
Sure, however its worth noting that this is an ANZ focused event, so expect to have to play your online games during ANZ hours. As such, the penalty for missing a game will be higher for you than an ANZ player, requiring you to provide a higher burden of proof that your opponent was not acting in good faith for times.

Where do I pay the entry fee to?
NZ online banking: Account: 02-0828-0029129-009 Reference: email address
Paypal: (Please only use if you can't use internet banking)

What a cool idea. Is there any way I can help?
Certainly! One great way to help would be to spread the word to your local store. Print out the flyer (Download here) and ask your friendly local game store (FLGS) if you can post it on their wall. Encourage your friends to sign up. The more the merrier.

We're also happy to receive donations to help us cover our travel.

How do I report my results?
Ben Wilson is the tournament organiser and you can email the outcome to 

Something went wrong in our game. Who do I talk to to resolve issues?
Take a screenshot of your game when the problem occurs and email Ben above with your tournament query. 

Where is the money from this going?
A few of us NZ players are looking at sending the first ever NZ player(s) to World's 2017. We have agreed to go but are looking to fund-raise to make it a little easier. As opposed to selling our play mats individually, we were hoping to create a large scale tournament and stimulate the Netrunner community. Prizes have been donated by these players and all proceeds are going towards helping the trip to Worlds.