Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Heuristics


This is just a list of general rules for how to deal with various situations. You will have to read the various full lists for a more comprehensive analysis. Think of this as a quick cheat-sheet.

  • No SFMM - extra JH in your installables pile (as well as the usual JH+EC/JH + X1)
  • Only 1 JH (and no EC/JH) - 3x AD and 1 other installable. RO for JH and SFMM them in first pile.
  • Missing card in archives - BL + AM for this card.
  • Low credits - If you have 4 specific installables (JH, JH, EC and JH/PV) as well as 2 AD and one of 3rd AD or SFK in hand, you can score from 4 credits. Also works against Leela. (See Leela example 2)
  • Clot - requires single purge. So 5 installables in hand. SFMM for 2 of the installables instead of first Interns, and then there is a free slot for CT or Interns(CVS) - 12/15 credits.
  • Clot + CC - requires double purge. So 6 installables in hand. SFMM for 3 of the installables instead of first Interns, and then there are 2 free slots for CT/Interns(CVS) and Interns(CVS) - 15/18 credits.
  • Clot + CC + SacCon - requires triple purge. So 6 installables in hand, CT in hand and 1 more click than double clot (dual CVS). Requires 22 credits (for BL over dual CVS) and 6 installables.
  • The Source - Need 1 more advancement per agenda. Can do this by either creating 2 more slots (6 installables, 5 installables + 3x AD) or 1 slot and a click (5 installables + BL + SFK).
  • Councilman - Need to either score with only 2 piles/JH (save 3 slots.. 2x AD + all 6 installables) or overwrite the JH when it is rezzed (4 installables and gain an extra click. Install the 4th installable over any overwritten JH before playing AD on Interns). Always install 2 JH at once and rez the 2nd JH after shuffling but before playing AD. Install agenda over last JH if it gets Councilmanned so you can Interns it back.
  • Noise - Add extra redundancy. Have all 6 installables in hand, all 3 AD, all 3 SFK, BL in hand, cry if he mills anything.
  • Leela - Need to gain an extra click (play BL outside of combo as well as inside) and score EC, EC and then GFI with extra clicks (SFSS, SFSS, SFK from hand). Requires 15 credits and 4 installables in hand, as well as 1 SFK.
  • No GFI - score 4 agendas, needing 6 installables in hand, swapping an interns for an extra SFSS.
  • No EC - score a 3/2 instead. Need 6 installables in hand, replacing both interns with SFK and RO(SFK) with SFSS.
  • Eden Shard - Win with 2 JH, and play lots of BL so you can play the cards when they get drawn.
  • Hades Shard - Draw until there are less agendas in R&D/archives than the runner needs to win.
  • Employee Strike - Play ELP or use BL to score a 3/2.
  • Vamp - Reuse, or AM -> Reuse, or just lose. You can score out if you have 2 BL spare here.
  • Account Siphon - depends how many the runner gets off, but Reuse may be necessary.
  • Fisk Investment Seminar - Keep cards in deck and prepare to draw more than 4 to make up for it.

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