Monday, 25 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Glossary

CI7 - The deck with Cerebral Imaging that wins by scoring 7 agendas in one turn
Pile - 3 cards to be played by AD
Slot - One of the 3 cards in an AD-pile
Combo - The act of using various cards in one turn to score 7 agendas
AD - Accelerated Diagnostics
EC - Efficiency Committee
JH - Jackson Howard
PS - Power Shutdown
SFMM - Shipment from MirrorMorph
SFSS - Shipment from SanSan
SFK - Shipment from Kaguya
AM - Archived Memories
RO - Reclamation Order
BL - Biotic Labor
SM - Subliminal Messaging
Interns - Interns (Who'da thought?)
CT - Cyberdex Trial
CVS - Cyberdex Virus Suite
GFI - Global Food Initiative. Can be any 5/3 agenda for the purpose of the combo
PV - Project Vitruvius. Can be any 3/2 agenda for the purpose of the combo
Installable - one of the 6 cards that needs to be installed for the combo to work. Typically GFI, PV, EC and 3x JH.
X1/X2 - These refer to installables when the specific one doesn't matter, e.g. in the base combo it could be PV or GFI in either order.
Hate - Any cards that the runner uses that make it harder for CI7 to win.
Plop - Political Operative
CC - Clone Chip
SacCon - Sacrificial Construct
Peddler - Street Peddler
Bounce - Cards returned to hand from Leela's ability

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