Sunday, 31 July 2016

Rumor mill is bonkers!!!111one

Rumor Mill is bonkers!!!1

Since Order and Chaos dropped, we had our first hints of Princess Space Kitten in the flavour-text of Memstrips. This was continued further with Trope. The silly name alone sparkled a lot of delight. When blood money was first spoiled, all we could see was the art of Rumor Mill, depicting Princess Space Kitten's digital avatar - literally a kitten in an astronaut suit. People were excited enough about the card without even knowing what it did, but now that it has been spoiled, we have the rare combination of the best art in the data pack also being the strongest card.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Heuristics


This is just a list of general rules for how to deal with various situations. You will have to read the various full lists for a more comprehensive analysis. Think of this as a quick cheat-sheet.

The Cookbook to CI7 - Conclusion


In the previous article, we talked about how to run against CI7. With this out of the way, you should now know the majority of what you need when it comes to CI7, both in terms of playing it or playing against it, and what to expect on both sides.

In this article, we will go over a few alternate deck choices, list some heuristics to follow for general use, and provide some alternate resources to either extend your CI7 game further, or give alternate explanations (in case mine weren't good enough).

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Part 4 Running against CI7

Running against CI7

A lot of runners don’t really have any practice against CI7. This typically means they don’t know any of the tricks to beat it, and CI7 often does a lot better than it really should. In the previous article, we talked about how to setup as a CI7 corp. This was the last of the articles on how to play CI7. This article is focused on the other side, running against CI7.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Part 3 Setting up as CI7

Welcome back. In the previous article we talked about how to combo through all the various hate a CI7 has to deal with on their winning turn. In this article we are talking about setting up to get the combo. It should be clear that most combinations of combo-hate that a runner-deck brings can be beaten, so getting through the setup phase is the main way that CI7 loses the game.

Setting up as CI7 is typically pretty simple, despite being the most skill intensive part of it. You have to draw cards until you have the combo - overdraw to trash any doubles (or play them outside of the combo turn), and generally have enough money to hold any of the cards you need. The skill in setting up comes from many things, such as knowing where to ice against who, what to mulligan against, and just gaining money and cards at the right times. Lastly there is also the factor of recognising whether or not you can combo early, and whether or not you can make any swaps to make it easier. In this, like all things, practice makes perfect, but here are some hints on things you can do.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Part 2 How to combo through hate

How to combo through hate

Welcome back to our series of articles on how to play CI7. In the previous article, we talked about how the deck work, and how to do the base combo. In this article, we are talking about how to combo through Anti-CI7 hate cards. There are two types of Anti-CI7 hate. There is the hate that stops you before you’ve set up, and the hate that interrupts you in the middle of the combo.

Monday, 25 July 2016

The Cookbook to CI7 - Part 1 Introduction

CI7 (also known as Cerebral Imaging 7-point shutdown) is the ultimate in combo decks for Netrunner. The aim of CI7 is to score 3 agendas worth 7 points in one turn. It is a complicated deck to pilot, but if you consider yourself an intermediate-level player, then you should definitely be capable of doing so.

In this series of articles, you will learn about the CI7 combo. The basic building blocks of the deck, and how to pilot it into winning you the 7 points in one turn. The various articles will be:

  1. Introduction to CI7 - This is what you are currently reading. What is CI7? How does it work? What is the deck? What is the base-combo you use to score 7 points in one turn?
  2. How to combo through hate - This is a list of ways CI7 can work around the various tools runners use to give it a bad time.
  3. Setting up as CI7 - How to get to the point where you can win in one turn.
  4. Running against CI7 - How to deal with CI7 as a runner.
  5. Conclusion - Some final words, as well as a cheat sheet of quick responses for the combo.

At any time feel free to double check cards or terms in the handy-dandy CI7 Glossary! You may also want to check out the Heuristics cheat sheet.

What is CI7?

So you might have heard of CI7 here and there. Some degenerate players, such as world-champion Dan D’Argenio love to play it. Sometimes it gets brought up as a hard-counter to many of the meta-defining runner builds. It is a strong but complicated deck, and looks to be in a better place than ever thanks to the latest MWL tournament update.

The Cookbook to CI7 - Glossary

CI7 - The deck with Cerebral Imaging that wins by scoring 7 agendas in one turn
Pile - 3 cards to be played by AD
Slot - One of the 3 cards in an AD-pile
Combo - The act of using various cards in one turn to score 7 agendas
AD - Accelerated Diagnostics
EC - Efficiency Committee
JH - Jackson Howard
PS - Power Shutdown
SFMM - Shipment from MirrorMorph
SFSS - Shipment from SanSan
SFK - Shipment from Kaguya
AM - Archived Memories
RO - Reclamation Order
BL - Biotic Labor
SM - Subliminal Messaging
Interns - Interns (Who'da thought?)
CT - Cyberdex Trial
CVS - Cyberdex Virus Suite
GFI - Global Food Initiative. Can be any 5/3 agenda for the purpose of the combo
PV - Project Vitruvius. Can be any 3/2 agenda for the purpose of the combo
Installable - one of the 6 cards that needs to be installed for the combo to work. Typically GFI, PV, EC and 3x JH.
X1/X2 - These refer to installables when the specific one doesn't matter, e.g. in the base combo it could be PV or GFI in either order.
Hate - Any cards that the runner uses that make it harder for CI7 to win.
Plop - Political Operative
CC - Clone Chip
SacCon - Sacrificial Construct
Peddler - Street Peddler
Bounce - Cards returned to hand from Leela's ability