Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Great Netrunner Alt Art Debate 2015 | Results!

After a slight delay I have the results on the 2015 Alt Art survey!
I'm okay with this being first
Pop up really should be in this slot

The results are...
Scorched Earth 9.09
Femme Fatale 9.24
Noise 9.75
Kate 'Mac' McCaffrey 10.1
Swordman 10.3
Datasucker 10.64
Plascrete Carapace 11.42
Melange Mining Corp 11.6
Jinteki: Personal Evolution 11.88
NAPD Contract 12.09
Private Security Force 12.23
Wyldside 12.96
Eli 1.0 13.1
Lotus Field 13.27
NBN: Making News 13.3
Kati Jones 14.21
Aesop's Pawnshop 14.31
Gordian Blade 15.5
Chaos Theory 16.04
Corporate Troubleshooter 16.62
Gabriel Santiago 17.71
Ken "Express" Tenma 18.13
Crypsis 19.25
Weyland: Building a Better World 19.28
Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future 20.13
Reina Roja 20.54
Popup Window 21.09
Adonis Campaign 22.23
Here is the data if you wanna play around with it yourself.

It's disappointing not to have Melange at number one but there's no accounting for taste.

Thanks for voting everyone!


  1. May Alt Art Adonis's idiotic, ever-vacant expression forever rest in last place. Amen.

    The majesty that is Emilio's MMC really should have been higher, though.

  2. When did the napd alternate art come out? I've never seen that before.

    1. It's going to be at worlds this year.

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