Thursday, 15 October 2015

New Zealand 2015 Nationals Report

On the 26th and 27th of September, New Zealand had its third Nationals event with our biggest turnout yet - 27 people. It should be noted that everything up to Universe of Tomorrow was legal for us.

For me, the best part about events like this isn't playing but meeting people that I talk to all year on our awesome Facebook page! I'm pretty stoked with how cool the NZ community is!

Top 8 Crew
Will, Michael, Egor, Amber, Ben, David, Paul, Andrew

Our top 8 were... (Decks linked wherever possible)

  1. William Turner (AKL) | Noise / Replicating Perfection
  2. David Withington (CHC) | Noise / Engineering the Future
  3. Egor Laptev (AKL) | Whizzard / Gagarin Deep Space
  4. Ben Wilson (CHC) | Valencia Estevez / Chronos Protocol
  5. Michael Walsh (CHC) | Noise / Near-Earth Hub
  6. Andrew Brown (AKL) | GeistNear-Earth Hub
  7. Paul Prestidge (WLG) | WhizzardEngineering the Future
  8. Amber Millan (AKL) | Kate "Mac" McCaffreyNear-Earth Hub
Here are the overall stats, for anyone interested. 

The whole weekend was streamed by Mark and myself which made the event even more awesome and special. 
Mark put HEAPS of work into getting all the tech for the event working.
Our YouTube channel has all the videos from the raw archived stream but I've also cut up the finals for your viewing pleasure. Not sure if I'm gonna cut the rest up.

Finals Round 1

Finals Round 2

Finals Interview

Thanks to Mark again for putting in the hard yards and making Nationals amazing this year!

And thanks to everyone that caught the stream!


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