Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Divadus Rants - Crappy Chrome City Cybernetics

[Warning: Much rage is about to be unleashed in textual format about a highly specific piece of pasteboard. There will be mathematical analysis throughout, but also a lot of subjective disappointment and considerable butthurt. Continue at your own risk. Also, the furious affectations donned by the author may be a teensy bit exaggerated. Just a smidgen. Kthx.]

It's been a long time - I shouldn'ta left you... without a strong rhyme to step to. So, I have been playing and loving Netrunner recently (I really do intensely adore this game), but a niggling question compelled me to revisit this blog and say my piece about it: How did the ANR design team manage to drop the ball so thoroughly with the cybernetics? More specifically, why is Net-Ready Eyes so good when the other pieces of cybernetic hardware are not? Most specifically, why is Skulljack so phenomenally bad? Before I launch into my full-fledged tirade, I suppose that a bit of a 'current card pool' spiel would be worthwhile at this point: