Monday, 19 January 2015

Discursions with Divadus - The Dark Side of the Moon

Hey y'all - so I have been in a fairly remote geographical location for the past several months with limited internet capabilities. As such, I was unable to provide any sort of update, let alone pack reviews as they arrived (which was my original intent).

Nonetheless, over the past couple months, I did manage to scrawl some thoughts on the latter half of the Lunar Cycle, thanks to text spoilers (bless you, snow-jax). Of note, my thoughts are substantially less organized than last time - these scribblings do not begin to approximate a review, nor are they intended to be any sort of summative statement about the cards discussed. Additionally, I have left certain cards un-addressed, either due to lack of any appreciably interesting thing to say on them, lack of experience/understanding of a new mechanic ushered in (would love to have talked about Leela, but felt I needed some games with her under my belt) or simply lack of time (I've been busy yo), and some of my remarks may betray ignorance of the most current of current spoilers. It just seemed like a shame to let my ramblings go to waste, even though their precise temporal standing, with respect to the present meta, is no longer especially relevant. So yeah, here's to belated housekeeping.

I hope to actually be a little more active on this blog in the coming year, so stay tuned for more (engaging) content.