Monday, 15 September 2014

You're a Whizzard H4rry - Decklist, Discussion and VoDs

D4vid Recursion Whizzard

Do you ever see a card and go "wow, I want to build a deck around that"? I had this reaction when I saw D4v1d. It fills one of the glaring holes in Anarch: high strength ice.

Some VoDs of me playing this deck are now up on YouTube!

Game 1 vs Jinteki PE
Game 2 vs Near Earth Hub
Game 3 vs Jinteki PE
Game 4 vs Weyland BABW

Whizzard Master Gamer

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Spaces Between
 Event (7)
 Hardware (8)
3x Clone Chip ••••• •
2x e3 Feedback Implants ••••
 Resource (11)
 Icebreaker (2)
2x Darwin
 Program (17)
3x D4v1d
3x Djinn
3x Imp
1x Medium

Deck built (probably for the last time) on :(

Key Deck Concepts
  • D4v1d to deal with high strength ice, Darwin to deal with low strength ice, and e3 Feedback Implants to minimise the number of times you need to break subroutines with either.
  • Parasite+ Datasucker to take out ice that you'd rather not keep breaking.

  • This deck is a little slower that I'd like, you may need to take a bit of time to set up. Try to run centrals early to keep the corp poor, then use this window to get Professional Contacts/Kati Jones/Public Sympathy up and running.
  • Gain as much knowledge as possible through cautious running. What archetype are they playing? How can I stop them from achieving their aims? Which servers should I pressure? This is key for all runners, but you have extra tools (Imp and recurring ID credits) to abuse this information.
  • Use Medium and Nerve Agent to pressure HQ/RnD if they are too lightly defended. Use Parasite to make these servers lightly defended.
  • The rig that you eventually set up will consume a decent amount of MU, so make sure you get those Djinn down to host utility programs.
  • D4v1d was the originally intended as the best Clone Chip target, but I often find that I bring back Parasites mid run or at the end of the Corp's turn as well.

  • Swordsman! Needs to be Parasited ASAP.
  • Very fast corp decks such as GRNDL. If they can reach match point before you're set up, then its pretty tough from this point forward. Try to find D4vid/Parasite to apply early central pressure and force them to slow down and defend.
  • Beware of Scorched Earth! With at least 2x Public Sympathy running you can keep 8+ cards in hand to avoid the SEA/Scorch/Scorch. You can also try and Imp the Scorches out of HQ/RnD with multi access if feel you can do so safely.
  • Traps. With no expose, you can expend a lot of resources getting though a server, only to hit an Aggressive Secretary or something. With this deck you only have your supreme game sense to save you from these!

Potential Adjustments and Alterations
  • Swap Public Sympathy for Plascrete. Public Sympathy goes well with the card draw of Professional Contacts, but Plascrete is probably safer if there's a lot of Weyland in your meta.
  • Keyhole. Enough said. I decided to go more for utility than for wrecking RnD.

Additional Notes
  • This deck was partially inspired by Damon Stone's GenCon interview, where he said that runners are focussing too much on money and econ to break ice, when there are other perfectly viable options.
  • I much much prefer building and playing around with Corp decks. I feel like the hidden information component means that less conventional decks can still be successful, while runner decks are more difficult to do funky things with! I'm going to be pushing myself to create runner decks more often, but I'll probably still be doing around 70% Corp - 30% Runner.
  • More low-mid trash cost assets and upgrades have released/are becoming popular, and Whizzard is becoming a truly strong identity. Jackson, Sansan, Heinlein, Caprice, Chrisium Grid, Eliza's Toolbox, and NEH (encouraging asset play).

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  1. although not a problem decks like blue sun could be an issue, specially with reguards having a next ice blue sun deck (with the +barrier str agenda) could be a real issue. with dawin been you only icebreaker you could also encounter problems with those str 4 ice, specially lotus field since you would effectivly have to wait until you were charged up, in which case all the corp has to do is board whipe ever 3rd turn. specially since theres no threat of surge to have a sudden increase in counters (and by extention icebreaker strength)